• Ben Jonson was born June 11, 1572 in London, England.
  • Died on August 06, 1637 (age 65)
  • The majority of his life was spent in Westminster, London.
  • Ben Jonson received his primary education at the Westminster School. There he was taught be a well known scholar William Camden.
  • Ben Jonson's stepfather pushed Ben into working in the business of bricklaying. After fulfilling his roles in the bricklaying job, he became a soldier in Flanders.
  • "Jonson was ahead of his time in choosing to write plays about ordinary people rather than re-invent legends from bygone eras." ("Ben Jonson")
  • Ben Jonson was a poet during the Renaissance, who wrote many satiric comedies. Some of his most famous pieces were, Every Man in His Humor, A Tale of a Tub and Volpone.

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Volpone: Hail to the world's soul, and mine. More glad than is The teeming earth to see the longed-for sun Peep through the horns of the celestial ram, Am I, to view they splendour, darkening his: That lying here, amongst my other hoards, Show'st like a flame by night; or like the day Struck out of chaos, when all darkness fled Unto the center. Oh, thou son of Sol (But brighter than thy father) let me kiss, With adoration, thee, and every relic Of sacred treasure in this blessed room.

  • In this quote from the play it shows how much Volpone worships and values his wealth.


  • Volpone,(Fox) is a clever and unique play that Ben Jonson created in 1606.
  • The story Volpone is about a con artist, Volpone who has a large obsession with wealth and tricks others by using his extremly clever ideas to steal their money.
  • This particular play by Ben Jonson is very significant because he wrote about ordinary people instead of the typical legends fround in most modern day plays. During Ben Jonson's time this was a completely new and different way of thinking that no one had wrote about before.
  • "The plot of Volpone is based around Volpone's plans to decieve people like him, who have an obsession with wealth."(Ben Jonson)
  • This play is so interesting to me, because it shows how even during the Renaissance people thought about eachothers personal traits, flaws and the different things people valued.
  • The ISMS:

Humanism-In Ben Jonson's play Volpone, it exemplifies humanism because it focuses on each characters personality and their way of thinking. Animals are used to represent each characters idividual traits.

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