Letter from the Director

We are off to a great start!

Director Tips and Campus Highlights

What an awesome first couple of weeks!

I am hearing lots of positive feedback from moms on our awesome tutors!

I am enjoying seeing students learning and building friendships!

I am excited to see moms fellowshipping during lunch!

8:45 Campus Arrival Time and Back-pack Drop-off is working nicely.

This early arrival and set-up time helps your tutor get off to a great start!

Keep up the good work!

Nifty 8:50 is fresh, fun, and ever-changing!

Don't miss this new addition to our Foundations morning at 8:50 in the chapel!

Parent participation in the classroom...It's the CC way!

Mom's don't be shy! Sing and move right along with your student...It's fun!

And remember...YOU can be a blessing to your tutor as that extra set of helping hands!

Don't forget! Utilize your tutor!

Your tutor is here for YOU as your support person for making this program a reality at home! She has been trained and spends time preparing each week to be that support person you need.

I CHALLENGE you...Meet someone new this week during lunch!

God has brought us together! And there are lots of new faces!

There is someone out there that you don't know...Go meet them!

Would you guys like to know the code to get in the building?

2267 is the code to the entry doors.

Genesis1 is the FBCGuest WiFi password.

Better late than never...right?

Questions? Concerns?

I am always available should you have a question or concern.

I look forward to seeing you all tomorrow!

In His Service,