Deborah Alessi

Face Forward

DEBORAH ALESSI- A powerful lady who understands the pain of victimized children and women from domestic violence

Living the life you have in accordance with your own terms and conditions, is a gift in itself but at times this isn’t enough for us. We forget that there are people who don’t get to live their lives on their own terms and that sometimes certain situations become a ball and chain which tie them to the ground and they’re not able to take flight like they had planned.

Things were different with a girl named Deborah, who lost her father at the very young age of 8 years. The demise of her father ignited a real passion and desire to do what she wanted to do in her life, and that was to travel.

As soon as she finished college something big happened to her and, in the eyes of her peers, it was like she had just won a lottery. Deborah got the chance to become a flight attendant with one of the most popular airlines in the Middle East. They say sometimes luck offers you a chance and if you take it and work hard enough, success will unfold for you. That’s what Deborah did, she was so good at what she did that she not only grabbed the interest of the Royal Family of Bahrain but also become a personal attendant on Sheikh Al Khalifa’s private jet.

As she climbed the ladder of success and travelled across various countries she realized the fact that she wanted to do more. In one of her visits to a third world country, she saw that girls were sold by their parents to traffickers. This made something burn inside her heart and then she knew that she wanted to change the lives of other people through her actions.

With everything said and done, Deborah settled down in Los Angeles, California with Dr. David Alessi. They started out as friends but later on realized that they had a lot of common interests. They strongly desired to do something for unfortunate people in society and through their experiences and the lessons that they each learned, both individually and as a team, they came up with Face Forward - a nonprofit organization which offers reconstructive surgery and therapeutic services for people who have been victims of domestic abuse or have been hit by gang violence. Face Forward is an organization which not only wants to cater to the helpless but wants to make society a better place to live.

Deborah Alessi is Co-Founder of Face Forward and a social activist too who take a deep care of the victims of violent and disfiguring crimes. She runs an organization who is serving those victims. Do keep in touch with her on Facebook and follow him on Twitter.