Summer Vacation

Meghan Springer

School Cheer Camp

We went to UTD for NCA school cheer camp. We had a lot of fun at our camp. We had our big sis little sis reveal. Were Varsity cheer reveals who our little sisters for cheer are. We had different theme days while we were at camp. We had three people get chosen for all- american (we tryout and you have to get a certain score to be chosen). Raylie, Ashton, and I got chosen. I also got the highest score out of everyone and got Top All-American.

I spent time with my friends and family

I didn't really have much to do this summer so i just spent a lot of time with my family and with my friends. I went over to my friends houses and they came over to mine. I went to my grandparents house to spend time with my cousin that i don't get to see very often.

Competitive Cheer Camp

We had cheer camp for competitive cheer where we worked on stunts. During camp we did a lot of team bonding activities, we played a lot of games together as a team and with other teams at our gym.
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Six Flags with my family

We got season passes to six flags and we went a lot over the summer. My whole family loves going on roller coasters.

World Championship for cheer

We went to Florida to Disney world for a cheer competition. IT was really fun because you get to compete in the milk house and on the baseball field and you get to meet a lot of people.