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The Hoover Dam

By: Joshua West

This is an informational piece about the Hoover Dam.

These are great facts about the Hoover Dam.

If you are planning a trip to Las Vegas, then visit the Hoover Dam National Monument.

The Hoover Dam was constructed between 1931 and 1936. It took five years to build something that great. It is located in Clark county Nevada,on the Colorado river. More than 200 engineers worked to design the dam.

700 million people visit the Hoover dam every build this great monument the cost was 49 million dollars.

Also the nearby city Boulder city was built for people that were working on the dam.

The Hoover dam was dedicated to Franklin D. Roosevelt ,but later on in.

1947 the dam was renamed the Hoover dam after the president Herbert Hoover.with the amount of concrete they used for the Hoover dam

you could make a 400 mile two lane highway that could stretch from san francisco to new york.

The dam is also used to produce electricity

The dam has a power capacity of 1,345 megawatts of electricity. and in one year the dam can create 4.2 billion kwh or kilowatt hours.

The Hoover Dam is an arch gravity dam,this means that it curves upstream narrowing so that the majority of the water is then directed against the rock walls of the canyon. This provides force to compress the dam. This type of dam has both the characteristics of a gravity dam and an arch dam.most of the electricity from the dam goes to southern california and nevada and other dry surrounding areas.

Also each power generator weighs about 4 million pounds.

it would take about 2,000,000 in pennies to make the copper buses that carry the electricity inside the powerhouse.

This moment is very important to people because many people have died in the process of building the dam, a total of 5,180 people to build the dam.

Currently the dam is holding back the largest man made lake in america lake mead.

So remember this when you are going to visit las vegas or any nearby town,

The Hoover Dam is a couple miles before Boulder City

if you are driving to las vegas, henderson,or boulder city the dam is near the 93 highway.

the hoover dam is a great vacation attraction.

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