Dean Corll

"Candy Man"

Basic Information

  • Born in December 24, 1939, Forth Wayne Indiana
  • Died in August 8, 1973, Pasadena Texas due to wounds of left chest and back.
  • partners where David Brook and Elmer Wayne Henley


  • Attended Vidor High School and graduated
  • A well behaved student with good grades
  • In Band
  • But considered a loner
  • Later drafted into to the army (did not like and was honorably discharged, realize he was homosexual )


  • He was the oldest son of Mary Robinson and Arnold Corll his parents divorced four years after their younger son Stanley was born.
  • Mary sold the family home and relocated trailer home to Tennessee to where Arnold had been relocated, so the children could stay in touch with their father.
  • Four years later they remarried and moved to Pasadena Texas but that lasted three years and they divorced once again.
  • his mother later marry Jake West and they moved to Vidor Texas and later had a daughter (Joyce)
  • His mother and stepfather started a family candy company.

After High School/Army

  • His family moved to Huston, city in where they sold the most to open a shop.
  • They moved back to Indiana to live with their widow grandmother for two years later returned to Houston
  • He later moved to an apartment above the shop
  • his mother divorced again and kept the shop and dean became to vice-president
  • that same year a young male employee reported Dean to his mother due that he had made sexual advances with him, the employee was later fired.

The Houston mass murders

  • David, Elmer, and Dean Abducted, raped, tortured and murdered a minimum of 28 boys from (1970-1973)

The Candy Man

  • Corll was known as the Candy Man ,family had owned and operated a candy factory in Houston, and he had been known to give free candy to local children specially teen aged boys.

David Brooks

  • David Brooks initially became one of Corll's many youthful close companions, socialized regularly
  • Whenever Brooks told Corll he was in need of cash, he was given money
  • Upon Corll's urging, a sexual relationship gradually developed between the two

Elmer Wayne Henley


Ages from 13-20


  • Jeffrey Konen, 18.
  • James Glass, 14.
  • Danny Yates, 14.


  • Donald Waldrop, 15
  • Jerry Waldrop, 13
  • Randell Harvey, 15.
  • David Hilligiest, 13.
  • Gregory Malley Winkle, 16.
  • Ruben Watson Haney, 17.


  • Willard Branch, Jr. 17.
  • Frank Aguirre, 18.
  • Mark Scott, 17.
  • Johnny Delome, 16.
  • Billy Baulch Jr., 17.
  • Steven Sickman, 17.
  • Roy Bunton, 19.
  • Wally Jay Simoneaux, 14.
  • Richard Hembree, 13.
  • Richard Kepner, 19.


  • Joseph Lyles, 17.
  • William Ray Lawrence, 15.
  • Raymond Blackburn, 20.
  • Homer Garcia, 15.
  • John Sellars, 17.
  • Michael Baulch, 15.
  • Marty Jones, 18.
  • Charles Cary Cobble, 17.
  • James Dreymala, 13.

Potential association with Dallas sex ring

  • During a routine investigation in1975 Houston police discovered a cache of pornographic pictures and films depicting young boys.
  • Of the 16 individuals depicted within the films and photos, 11 of the youths appeared to be among the 21 victims of Dean Corll who had been identified by this date
  • The discovery raised the disturbing possibility that the statements Corll had given to both Henley and Brooks prior to his murder that he was associated with an organization based in Dallas that "bought and sold boys"