Miss Maudie

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Mauide's opintions

Miss Maudie's values the children of the town. The men of the children is important to her she cares how they being taken care of. Miss Maudie doesn't like the gossip that some people do and rumors about people, when the people don't know anything about it. She thinks the Radley family are just people that are not understood cause of rumors about them but the dad is a drunk and mother is scared while boo Radley is a boy who sits inside all day nothing wanting to be judge by coming out. But scout likes miss Maudie and looks up to her as a role model she thinks she a cool person.

Why has Harper Lee include Miss Maudie as a main character

Student Response

To create someone in the story is doesn't believe in gossip and is real about thing, she like a serious person that is made as a role model.