About Me, Gavin Saegert :)

i can be socially akward

about me, Gavin Saegert

Who am I?

interests-my interests are drawing video editing and photography.

skills- my skills are drawing and photography.

values- i value my skateboard, music, family, and friends.

learning style- my learning style is hands on learning and a medium learning pace.

clusters- ar tech, phototgraphy, videp editing, archetechual design and art.

these facts are important to my degree because it helps me learn what college that i need to go to and what i should get a degree in.

Where am I going?

My career as a artist, video editor and photographer will help me lead to Unisversity of southern California in Los Angeles California. This type of job will anually get about 70,000 dollars a year. Most of these job's are self employed making it not a planned work schedule which means i could work anytime i wanted. The enviroment of a photographer is a very good enviroment because photography is all about movement you have to move around a lot to get the right angle and have the right posture to take a picture.

How do I get there?

The college I intend to go to is University of southern California which is located in Los Angeles California. I chose this college because it offers everythibng i am interested in doing in a career such as art, photography, and video editing. This college will cost about 70,00 dollars.