Goa's Annual Gardening Contest - 2016

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Do you have an ORGANIC KITCHEN garden?

Every year, for the last 25 years the Botanical Society of Goa has been conducting the Annual Home Garden Competition. This year the BSG will be conducting an organic kitchen garden competition.

Do you grow vegetables and fruit in your kitchen garden for your family? If your garden produces food to support what your kitchen requires on a daily basis, your garden belongs in the competition!

Entering the competition is a great way to link up with others equally passionate about growing food without chemicals and poisons. Connect with the growing numbers of people who are happy to share tips and tricks about what makes their gardens grow bountifully!


Criteria to enter the competition
  1. Your garden must be primarily a kitchen garden, with a majority of edible plants.
  2. It must use ONLY organic inputs like cow dung, cow urine, panchagavya, neem, home made fertilisers and pesticides like chilly garlic paste etc...
  3. It could be a garden in your back(front)yard, or even a kitchen garden in pots and containers.

Criteria for judging the entries

The following criteria will be employed to judge gardens:

  1. Water harvesting and conservation techniques adopted
  2. Compost making in your own garden
  3. Diversity in set of plants grown (more the merrier)
  4. Use of mulch in soil building and water conservation
  5. Plants incorporated to attract bees and butterflies or other pollinators
  6. Duration of productivity of the garden (more points for a garden that produces all year round)
  7. Plant health
  8. Innovative use of pots and containers
  9. Innovative pest management techniques
  10. Growing indigenous varieties of plants


PRIZES Rs. 10,000, Rs. 6,000 & Rs. 4,000 for First, Second and Third place. There will also be the special, Annual Prisca Martins Memorial Prize of Rs. 5,000 awarded to one of the gardens in memory of Mrs. Prisca Martins, who created magic in her organic kitchen garden, with her resourcefullness

BSG's EAT YOUR GARDEN - Organic Kitchen Garden Competition

Sunday, Jan. 31st, 11:45pm

North and South Goa


Raj Paipanandiker - 89757-66032 |
Yogita Mehra - 99606-43245 |


SUNDAY 7th February 2016 - We'll judge gardens in South Goa
SUNDAY 14th February 2016 - We'll judge gardens in North Goa

The rationale behind this year's competition

Every year, for the last 25 years the Botanical Society of Goa has been conducting the Annual Home Garden Competition. In its original form, this was conceived as a home garden competition with a focus on ornamental plants.

From the year 2012, the BSG created a separate category for Kitchen Gardens, and participants were encouraged to use organic inputs in both their ornamental and kitchen gardens. Last year, the competition merged the ornamental and kitchen garden category into one category but required that participants have at least 25% of their garden growing edible plants.

This year, we have decided to go all out and completely focus on kitchen gardens only and the main criterion for entering the competition is that the garden MUST be grown ORGANICALLY - that is, without the use of ANY synthetic chemicals.

Think about it, do you REALLY want to be eating and feeding your families toxic chemicals?

Our logic is as follows:

  • An average family of 4, consumes approximately 1kg of vegetables a day (that is about 25-30kg of vegetables a month) and about 7-10kg of fruit in the same time.
  • A well planned, organic kitchen garden of size 50sq. mtrs, that is just 10 months old can conservatively produce 0.5 to 1kg of vegetables a day (a minimum of 10kg of vegetables per month, going up to 25-30kgs a month, not counting the annual yields of fruit that is possible from a well-established kitchen garden)
  • So – your garden could actually supply half your vegetable and fruit needs for the month
  • A well planned kitchen garden would use 50-60% less water every week than an equivalent area of lawn would
  • Moreover, kitchen gardens can look spectacularly pretty and often more so, that an ornamental garden.
  • And the best part is, after all that work of watering, manuring and tending your garden, you’re rewarded with things you can EAT!!
  • Goa gets on average 235 (out of 365) days of great sunlight. Virtually 4 to 4.5 months of continuous rain and temperatures that support tending a year-round garden, ornamental or otherwise.
  • Goa imports 70-80% of its fruit and vegetables from neighbouring states – you could profitably sell your organic surplus

And so, keeping this in mind, the BSG is encouraging folks to grow more organic kitchen gardens
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Botanical Society of Goa

Created 25 years ago, The Botanical Society of Goa has been promoting awareness and participation of the Goan community in understanding, preserving and benefiting from the natural biodiversity that we are blessed with around us. The proud organizer of the Annual Konkan Fruit Fest, the BSG also encourages folks to connect with nature via its annual gardening competitions.