Sabin Salutations


This Week...

• The students worked on turning "regular sentences" into "regal sentences". A regal sentence includes: who, what, where, when, and sometimes why. Ask your child about our animal picture activity. The children gave me goosebumps!

• We finished our study of different Cinderella books. We read an Irish version and a version from Mexico.

• Our next activity during reading will be performing different Reader's Theater plays. To kick this off we read, The Ugly Duckling. After reading, we performed the play, "The Ugly Woodpecker". We had a blast!

• The kids created Poems for Two Voices this week with a partner. The poems focused on the life cycle of a butterfly and a frog. After the students created their poems, they performed them for the rest of the class.

• We took both the reading and math MAP test this week.

• Our new math classes started on Thursday.

• Aranza's dad surprised us as our Mystery Reader!

• Angel P. was a fabulous Top Gardener!

• The kids are enjoying the ABC countdown.

Next Week...

• Our field trip is 5/17! Please remember to send a paper bag lunch with your child's name marked on the lunch. Please make sure that all materials in the bag are disposable.

• The kids will begin research projects on an animal life cycle.

• We will begin to practice our Reader's Theater plays in class.

• In math class, the students will continue to learn about different geometry concepts.

Mrs. Melissa Sabin

Don't Forget

• Friday is our library day.

• ABC countdown-

- 5/16 Read outside day (weather permitting)

- No HOMEWORK day!

- Music Day

- Letter to future 2nd Grader (Will complete in class)

- Kindness Day