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Thursday, July 18th 2013 at 3:15pm

Union Street

Merewether, NSW

In the 5/6C Classroom...
Some new apps to share directly from ISTE. Create something and then consider how it might support your current learning program.
A walk-through of Greg Tang's website. Play Kakooma and explore all his other wonderful maths games and activities.

Until then, check out these websites....


Brainpop is a subscribed site with some free aspects, including the Movie of the Day. However, they have recently unveiled their GameUp option which provides free games on all KLAs. Check it out... Brainpop GameUp

Croak It is a very quick and simple way to record audio of your students. Click on the button, record your message, click stop and receive a link directly to your audio file, or grab the embed code nad pop it in your website/blog. There is an app but unfortunately it won't work through the DEC proxy, but you could use it if you had your own smartphone.

Math Landing

Math Landing is a gateway to a massive collection of Math resources. Simply select your topic, select your grade and hit search!
From the same developers comes an awesome interactive, quest style maths game built around pre-algebra skills - Lure of the Labyrinth.

Some new apps to try...

How to Navigate the Canvas in Grafio

Smore.. a great publishing tool

Smore is not only a great way to receive your Tech flyer each week but it is also a fantastic tool your students can use to publish multimodals texts! All you need to do is create one account - create a simple gmail account and then use it to create a smore account (I can help with this if you like). The students can then log in to the site on an iPad or a computer and publish their work. They can insert text, images, video and audio to create a multimodal publication. Check out the information reports created by 5/6C children on orang-utans by clicking on the examples below.

Want more info?

Misplaced the link to a previous flyer? Head to my Pinterest board where they are all saved -
Got a question? Got a great website/app to share? Want some help with something specific? Send me an email and I will schedule it in to one of our afternoon sessions!