The Boy Who Dared

Cade Cassady,Jacob Varner,Ben Selph

Character Analysis

Helmuth: Helmuth is a brave young man that all he wants is whats right. Helmuth is willing to stand up for what he believes in no matter the consequence.


Rising Action: Helmuth stating his opinions on Hitler, Helmuth has at school problems,Hitler get elected

Climax:Helmuth attends a Hitler Youth Camp

Falling action:Helmuth gets caught

Resolution:Helmuth Gets killed


Berlin Germany 1942

it morning.Soft gray light slips over the tall redbrick wall.It stretches across the exercise yard and reaches through high,barred windows . in a cell on the ground floor ,the light shifts dark shapes into a small stool, a scrawny table , and a bed made of wooden boards with no mattress or blanket.On that bed, a thin,huddled figure, Helmuth, a boy of seventeen lies awake.Shivering, trembling.


The author Susan Campbell Bartoletti is a very unique author, her tone is very well matched to the idea and plot presented. Her way of writing is such as a journal type of book almost. Susan Campbell Bartoletti is a very crafty author that makes every sentence make sence.


Helmuth, a little boy, is living in Germany at the time when Hitler rise's to power. He is not jewish, but has a brave soul and stands up for anything he knows is wrong. However, he is constantly kept from expressing his true feelings about Hitler and his horrible rules. Furthermore, he is furious at the fact that everyone is so afraid of Hitler that he is constantly trying to rebel against, Hitler, the most well known, and powerful man in Germany.