North Face Sweatshops

by Nick S Marshall

Sweatshop location

The location of the north face sweatshop in in Bangladesh.

Products made in sweatshop

The products are outerwear, fleece, coats, shirts, footwear.

Conditions of sweatshops

The factory had bad construction, no fire exits, false wiring, and many exit doors were locked. The workers of these factories were being denied 1/3 of there pay. They had gotten social insurance and higher wages after they had walked out of the job on strike.

The North Face response to media

The north face responded to the media denying that they were sweatshops. they still use these sweatshops till this day.

How did the industrial revolution affect working conditions today?

The industrial revolution had gotten us the materials and things we need to make the things that we use today. Without the industrial revolution we wouldn't have the metel and concrete and steal we use on building today. But some people such as The North Face don't use these great things we have today to improve there safety.

What solutions/alternatives are there to sweatshops?

Some solutions to sweatshops are to make the safety as best as possible. They should also pay what the workers deserve. They should make the workers time worth it.

What did you learn?

I have learned that some of the clothes and shoes and things I buy is supporting the abuse of underage working and they don't even get the pay the deserve. Ive learned that maybe buying these expensive things aren't worth it, to support that abuse.

As an American consumer, are you now more concerned with how the products you buy are made? Why or why not

Yes as an American consumer I am concerned. I am concerned for the safety for these workers. I will think twice before I buy my clothes, the clothes that people can die from making. to me it's just not worth it.