Hapeville Turns 125!

Art History Project January 2016

Celebrating Hapeville's Heritage Together

Joint Art History Project Makes a SPLASH!

Happy Birthday Hapeville!

Students at Hapeville Elementary are abuzz! Why is this you wonder? Well it just so happens that the excitement coincides with a momentous occasion taking place this year marking the 125th anniversary of the city itself.

Senior community members will join together with Hapeville students to document their own accounts of how the city was in the past versus now.

The first person account stories will be digitally recorded and shared via a variety of media formats chosen by the students. These will all be linked and showcased via QR codes placed throughout the City to be accessed on demand by a simple mobile device.

Each group will find out about how the city of Hapeville was "then" compared to "now". The grand event coincides with the City of Hapeville's 125th year anniversary in 2016 and is part of a larger public art project designed to celebrate the anniversary.
Embedded within the project will be digital photography in an augmented e-book format The online stories will be accessed with a simple QR code.
"I believe that this will create awareness in the Hapeville community of the great things which we are doing here at the school," agreed co collaborators David Burt, Chamber of Commerce Member and Suzanne Laisney, Hapeville Teacher.