If I were The Giver....

I would share 3 memories with the community !

Everyone should have memoires!

I think every child should grow up with many events and feelings. Looking up to people, listening to music even celebrating a birthday. These 3 are very important to me as I grow up. There are many other things kids should grow up having but these stood out for me!

I would share the memory of looking up to people!

"Someone is looking up to you, don't let that person down". I think looking up to someone is very important. That's what being famous is about, not for the popularity or the money. Yet it should be about the impact the celebrity is creating to someone. Looking up to someone can also make you feel like you can do something one day. I look up to vlogger\blogger Zoe Sugg. She went though depression and her parents getting a divorce. She is a strong and loving woman and that's why I look up to her.

I would share the 5 Seconds of Summer album with the community!

"Music can change the world, because it can change people" -BONO. Not only is 5 Seconds of Summer my favourite band, but they make great music. I think listening to music in general is something everyone needs. Music can somehow change your life. I know it changed mine, some song lyrics are strong and meaningful. Music can allow you to escape from reality. No matter what songs you listen to, every song has a strong meaning behind it. Even if it's bad or good, heavy or soft, useless or useful. Music is a beautiful thing and everyone should know that.
5 seconds of summer- jet black heart lyrics

I would share the memory of celebrating a birthday!

"A birthday is the first day of another 365 day journey around the sun". I would share this memory because a birthday is a special event. You could have 5 birthdays or 99, yet every single one of them is important. It is also a time for family to get together. To celebrate the birth of someone. I have a big family so for everyone to come over for birthdays, it's a great thing. Every child should have birthday and share those memories.