Principal Weekly Wrap Up

February 7, 2016

OAP Mission Statement:

To provide a collaborative learning community that prepares students for the future.

My Goals:

To have a safe place for all of us to be able to speak on tough topics and be aware of our own biases with clarity and deep compassion for students, parents, our community and each other.

To get us focused and to bring clarity to our systems by creating our "This is how we do business at Peterson handbook" by June 2016.

Campus Instructional Focus (A.K.A. POP):

After an analysis of campus data, we found that faculty and staff need to effectively use PLCs so that students will have clarity as to what they need to know and what they must be able to do with their learning in order to achieve personal growth in all content areas.

Theory of Action:

  • Provide the foundational purpose of the why behind PLCs.

    • Teachers will use PLCs as the primary strategy for improving the instructional culture of Peterson Elementary through:

      • Looking at student and teacher work;

      • Designing quality common formative assessments (CFAs)

      • Reviewing and responding to data.

  • Guiding Questions: What does an authentic and collaborative PLC look like? How does data, student work, and student feedback validate the effectiveness of PLCs? What professional development is needed to ensure that all staff members understand what learning targets, authentic learnings tasks, and collaborative PLCs look like?

    Current status of campus transformational tasks:

    We are ready to move into the Portable. The following teachers will be in the process of moving: Michelle Savell and Jennifer Allen will move into the portable to open Peterson's first Early Childhood Center!! They will be the first ones in the district to try this method.

    Laura Taylor-Dunn, Angela Cox and Che Williams will also be moving to allow more space to work with students. We will use the current STAAR classroom as our new PLC/Data Room!! Very excited to be able to display our campus data history.

    February 9th- State of Class (SOC) due. What data are you tracking (macro/micro)? What is the standard/TEK being tracked? What template [form] are you using to track the state of the class?

    Follow up from Feb. 4th Vertical PLC: I will meet with the ILT on Monday to discuss our campus follow-up to the ideas/suggestions and content feedback. In the meantime, please be reflecting on your class as a whole, are ALL students on track instructionally to make progress by the end of the year in all content areas? Do ALL student journals reflect students being on target (Use example of MOY writing shared during staff meeting)?

    Real World example of Reviewing and Responding to Data

    Our campus data measuring growth from DRA BOY to DRA MOY was received on Thursday Feb. 4th. I am currently reviewing the data and will share the results this week.

    Superintendent Goals:

    90% of all students K-3 will be reading on grade level as measured by the DRA2.

    Article/Blog/Resources Worth Reviewing: Doable ideas listed in the article

    Journal Writing- Week 17

    Deliberate Optimism: Can we model what we are asking of our students? Reflective thinking and capturing our thoughts on paper.

    Please join me this week in reflecting on the following question and/or task:

    What is your grade level goal for MOY? What is your grade level expectation for the MOY?

    Gallery Walk: Rock Stars of Peterson February 1-5

    STR (Please read attachment for results)

    The Lionel Racing Design-A-Diecast competition is scheduled for Feb. 8-15. I will be sending out details in the coming weeks about the competition and the prizes. It is a very cool program that the kids will enjoy participating in. (Email to staff sent on 2/6/16)

    The current Turn 3 scoring period goes from Dec. 16 through Thursday, March 10, with results due the 11th.

    Review Classroom and Party Expectations This Week

    If you have observed someone on campus exhibiting our mission statement and would like for them to receive Rock Star status, please email me

    Feburary Counselor Newsletter: See email received from Ms. Wade on 2/5/16

    Professional Development Opportunities: February 13th

    Texas Educamp is free. You will have to register to receive a free ticket. The event is designed for educators to meet in one spot, share ideas then create the schedule for the day to collaborate. If you are interested in attending or presenting, I encourage you to sign-up.

    Stay in the know by reading the NISD news feed each week.

    New Twitter Account: Please tag photos @OAPetersonElem. We will continue to use #oapelem

    How can you use twitter in your classroom to communicate the great instruction going on in your classroom?