Type a Phone Number & Find Location

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Type in Phone Number and Find Location Free

Almost everyone nowadays owns a mobile cellular phone. It is convenient and always comes in handy. The idea of things being instant is very much imperative these days. That is why there is a non-stop modification process in technology.

Mobile phones have links to an almost endless supply of information and services. Through this device, we can take virtual classes online. It can give instant data with innumerable choices. It can help us communicate with different people from distant and unreachable places. It can provide entertainment without the need for a television. We can even use mobile phones to create reports and edit our videos and beautify photos. And its most important use: it can provide security and safety.

There are many services that technology provides to type in a phone number and find the current location of that device. Despite all these, troublesome circumstances are still unavoidable. There are still several possibilities that may hit the usage of our mobile phones. One of the most common of all is the loss of cellphones and their details themselves.

type in phone number and find location

Type In a Phone Number and Find Someone's Current Location

Some people, who have lost their phone, may not find it easy to go to their phone network's office or even contact them. Some also find it hard to locate and remember where they could have lost it. And worst of all, some hate the cost of paying applications and sites to direct them to their lost phones. Nonetheless, to aid these problems, some applications and sites can be of help; for free!

IP Logger

The IP Logger is a website that gives users URL shortening and remaking services. But this website can also help in tracking IPs. An Internet Protocol Address or IP address is a label for each device connected to a computer network. To put it simply: a device, like a phone, for example, using the internet, has this label attached to it. Thus, if you can find a device using a specific IP, you can locate it. Using the IP Logger site, you can change a URL's details (Uniform Resource Locator).

First, using a search engine, you will need a URL Link. Any link will do, but it is most advisable to copy the URL link of an image. Again, any image would suffice. Once you have the URL Link copy, paste it on the IP Logger site. Press shorten, and in seconds, a page would pop out, containing specific details. Locate the column with the label: Your IPLogger Link for collecting statistics. You will need to copy the link beside it.

Now, here comes the tricky but fantastic part. If ever your lost device is still active and used, you may send this link to the user. If the user opens the link you sent him or her, it will send information to the IPLogger website! Reload the page, and click the Logged IPs button. Here, details will come out, including the name and location of the one who logged into your IP. Included here is the code address of your user. You can put this in your Google maps or any navigation application to help you find your phone's user! Hence, aid you to locate your phone and number!!!

This site has its cons, though. Sometimes, the address is not a hundred percent accurate. Also, you may not be able to get the address of your lost phone. This is because the user has to open the IPLogger link you sent him or her before you can get it.

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Other Ways to Tracking Phone Number Caller ID Without Getting a Call

Find My Device by Google

A lost android device is still linked to Google via Google Mail. With your phone connected to Google, you can use Find My Device through their website. Plus, you can use it for free.

Aside from locating your phone, Find My Device has a couple of convenient features. It can use Google Maps, and it displays indoor and outdoor addresses. It helps you connect to your lost phone. In case someone got your phone, you can message the person to ask for details on how you can have it returned. If it got stolen, and your privacy is of top priority, you can use this to delete your device's info.

The disadvantage of this application is it can only locate Android phone. Find My Device cannot locate phones with iOS, like the iPhone.

Number Locator

Number Locator is an application launched by Elegant Recursion Inc. that can help track iOS phones, like iPhone, iPod, and iPad. It is straightforward to use and has efficient and fast results.

All you have to do is click the mobile target box and enter the mobile number you are searching for. You could have your results in less than one minute! It has excellent graphics of your phone location, and it saves area codes. It also works on both online and offline mode so that you can use it even without the internet!

This application is only limited to iOS phone systems, so Android phones cannot use this. It also has another con. Although you can use this application for free, it still needs $0.99 if you want its other features.

There are thousands of high-tech phone locators on the internet and media sites. Some may give fees, and some don't. Some may be efficient, but some may not. It is almost as if no huge byte of storage can sum all these practical applications.

The disadvantage of having these convenient devices and application is that we rely on them too much. Again, it is unavoidable to lose grip on our phones. But still, we're the ones who need to apply in our minds the means of keeping it safe. And no application can best aid our phones than the discipline of our necessary precautions.