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Question on shaving

Allie: Hey Amy, I,m 10 and i just started shaving. I am wondering what products do you recommend that's is a good price?

Hey Allie! having trouble finding a good product? Well for shaving i recommend the eos shaving cream and as for razor try Gillette razors they both leave your skin feeling smooth and hydrated. We offer both at our spa Ladies Day Spa.

Becca: Hey Amy, I have been getting ingrown hairs whenever i shave. I really hate the pimple like things that they cause, not to mention they are itch too!! Have and advice?

That seems like an issue. I recommend you purchase disposable razors so after 1-2 shaves you can toss it out! Also try moisturizing after you shave and shave with hot water so the steam can open your pores to let those ingrown hairs out.

Lucy: I've started to shave more often and I'm getting lots of razor cuts. Any ways to prevent the cuts from bleeding?

This problem is quite common Lucy. Luckily I have a few tips. My top 2 are deodorant and lip balm. They can prevent the cut from bleeding and also can relive the pain!

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