Child Hunger

Group 13: If we get food, they should too...#stopchildhunger

Child Hunger

Child hunger is a serious problem within the Waco community, 1 out of 4 children go hungry in Texas. The poverty rate in Mcleannan County is 27%, where more than 26,000 kids are in danger of going hungry on the weekends. On average, if one person buys one cup of coffee everyday for three months,it would cost about $200! If they gave up buying one cup of coffee for three months, that money would be able to supply one child's weekend meals for a whole year! Together, as a community, we can help eliminate child hunger... one penny at a time! (facts found on

Help Us Out!

Here are some places that you can help provide food for hungry children and adults around Waco!
  • Meals and Wheels
  • Salvation Army
  • Caritas
  • Pack of Hope

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Feed the Children Benifit Concert

Saturday, Aug. 1st, 2pm

The Waco Farmers Market

Join us for a benifit concert to help stamp out hunger. It will be right after the Farmers Market on 08/01/2015. Bring canned food and hygine products to donate to Pack of Hope. #StopChildHunger

What we learned

"I learned that in order to see a change in the hunger rate in Waco, it is important to team up with our local city council members to help raise awareness" - Ismael

" Even as middle school students, we can make a change in society by signing petitions on various issues in our community" - Dylan

"We have the right and are never too young to change things in our community" -Blake

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