an interview with Mr.Dickerman

By: Luis Lopez

The Freshman teaching The Freshman

He attended school at Northwestern Oklahoma State

He has a degree as a bachlorof science/biology

chemistry minor

First year teaching biology and first year teaching

description of class

*Every table has a pair of two

*Very large room

*Safety corner

*Goggle cabinet with appron beside

*Biology posters and quotes

*Lab stations

*molecule posters


1. When a student has a question he will go help the student 1 on 1

2.Every table has a pair of partners to help each other out

3.He walks around classroom to make sure everyone is working and understanding the work

4.He communicates with students so they won't be scared to ask questions

5.Lets the entire class go to the restroom during the last 8 minutes of class

Challenges and reward

The biggest challenge is trying to cooperate with the students that are not cooperative. Grading papers at the end of the day.

The best reward is watching students succeed and watching them do more. Being able to be with all the amazing kids/students.