My memories with Friends

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Poem one- Eric my small group leader

His advice cleansing my soul

His arm wrapped around me

Our hands clenched as we pray

He is my small group leader

To the end of High school and beyond

He is my second father outside of home

I respect him over most adults

In most circumstances

He is on top of everything

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Poem 2- Senior Year Fall Retreat

Going on a fall retreat with my friends

As we learn to cleanse

Bonding with the lord and each other

As we grow strong with the father

Having so much fun

Shooting each other with the paintball gun

Waiting to go to college

To gain all of our knowledge

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Poem 3- My Two Best Buds

My two best buds, my true friends

Hanging with each other, we laugh

Talking to each other, we grow

Growing up together, we develop into men

Staying in touch in college, is key

Helping each other in crisis, we stay close

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Poem 4- Dayton Mission Trip

Though we only spent a week in Dayton

We helped a community in need

To have fun on the basketball court

To jump around along the court

To provide hope around the neighborhood

To bring the light of the lord to Dayton

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Poem 5- Rise Against at Summerfest

The lights shining so bright
The crowd exerting their energy
The band playing their hearts out
The fireworks exploding in the sky
The best night of my life
The night I will never forget

Nostalgic 3 Paragraph Letter

One of my favorite memories I have with my close group of friends was this summer at Summerfest festival in Milwaukee Wisconsin. We went to see Rise Against, my favorite band live in concert. We wanted to see the Fray also; they were playing the same night as Rise Against, so we decided to see Rise Against because they were our favorite. My dad told my friends and I great advice to get great seats at the concert- to show up hours early, and we did just that. We got to the venue four hours before the actual start of the concert to get spots on the bleachers. If we did not show up early many things would have happened to us that we would have not enjoyed: not being to see the stage and band, having to look over tall people, and being squished and pushed by people. This wait was absolutely worth it because Rise Against brought the house down and my friends and I were screaming every lyric and it was just an amazing night.

This night was my first true concert experience and it was amazing and so worth the drive out to Milwaukee and waiting four hours for the show to start. Hands held up high, our voices screamed every song that was played. My three best friends are I truly shared an amazing moment that night and will be something I will never forget for the rest of my life. Roaring fans everywhere, the atmosphere was just incredible and I felt so comfortable around all of these thousands of strangers. Rise Against, rocking every body’s socks off, were the ultimate show and were dedicated to making sure everybody was into the music. My friends and I spoke for years about seeing Rise Against in concert , and imagining how awesome it would be, which this concert truly was, amazing me all night. I remember almost every moment from this concert even though it was four months ago and wish I could go back and relive it again. This night at Summerfest was truly one of the best nights of my life.

My three best friends I went to this concert with are the ones who have picked me up when I was down. They are the ones who know my secrets and who I trust with everything and know they will always have my back. That night at Summerfest wasn’t only amazing because I saw my favorite band live in concert, it was amazing because I got to experience it with my best friends. These three friends have been my friends since way before high school and I know they will be my friends even after college and for life. I think this group of friends have saved my life, even in my darkest times, my three best friends have picked me up every single time and kept me positive and I would take a bullet for any of them.