Nuclear Energy

By: Chris York

How is this natural resource formed?

It is formed by liquids and solid. In nuclear fission, atoms split apart which release energy.

Is this a renewable or no renewable resource?

This resource is considered no renewable even though it is a common metal uranium found in rocks world wide.

How is this natural resource used?

Fuel is formed into ceramic pellets each ceramic pellets produces roughly the same amount of energy as 150 gallons of oil.

What are the advantages of using this resource?

It's usually very clean.

If this resource is non renewable , what are some ways to conserve , or alt natives to using this resource?

Just being smart with energy sources . Examples:turn off lights unplug electronics ect.

What are the disadvantages of using this resource

It is difficult to control a fusion reaction .

Where is this resource found most abundantly?

Rocks , in the earth

Are there any harmful effects to the earth during the process of collecting or harnessing this energy