Heart break Map



Cancer is the uncontrolled growth of cells that usually ends in death. This is very sad as many families loose loved ones to this disease and as of now there is no cure just things to slow or prevent it.
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Poverty is sad to me because many people suffer from this and starve and have very poor living conditions. Many kids grow up poor and suffer because of it.
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Animal Abuse

Animal abuse is sad to me because people harm animals everyday for no good reason other than to blow off some stress. The animals did nothing to deserve it and can't do anything about it.
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Hunger breaks my heart because there are lots of people without food simply because they can't afford it or because of a lack of food. Lots of people die because of this and in many cases can't do anything about it. Kids also die because of starvation which is sad.
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Drugs abuse

Drug abuse is sad because people decide to try out drugs and then become addicted and can't stop. This ruins peoples lives because they have to buy the drugs and use them to feel happy. Most people have no control over it and their lives are ruined.
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