Red Coon Hounds

By:Carson Dawes

Good hunting and family dog. Their method of hunting is treeing in which they chase a animal up a tree to be shot at. Needs a lot of exercise and will run off or go hunt if not well fenced in.
Area that they originate from is the United States. Date of origin is 1800. They descend from fox hounds. Years ago many hunters owned a redbone of unknown ancestry. Eventually breeders had tried to create this dog and early one were called saddle backs. they were called saddle backs because there background color was red and it looked like they had saddle markings. Later on due to selective breeding the saddle back was bread out and became a solid red and thats when they started to be called redbone coonhounds.

Generally they are healthy dogs. However a few have hip dysplasia. They are most likely to get hurt while hunting even racoons are able to hurt this dog. There life expectancy is usually 11-12 years.

The redbone coonhound is a cold nosed dog meaning it's good at following old trails.