- French is spoken in more than twenty countries. This language is an important international language, which means that it's used as a common language between people who speak different languages at the United Nations.


- About eighty six percent of the french population is Roman Catholic and a small percentage actively practices the religion. Roman Catholic go to mass once or twice a year.

Economic Activities:

- One of the most popular sports in France are football (soccer) and Rugby.

- French people like to participate in individual sports more than team sports, so most on the activities they do are ride bikes, play tennis, ski, hike, fish, etc.

Customs and traditions:

- One of the traditions that France have is to give flowers to older family members.

- And one of the biggest national holiday that France has is the Bastille day, it celebrates the French revolution and the French democracy and its celebrated on July 4th.


- French people consider cooking as to be art.

- They also believe that fine food must not only taste good, but look good.