Marie Murphy Chronicles

7 September 2018

Welcome Back, Everyone!

Never Count On Your Child For Information Again! Sign Up For Remind Text Updates!

As we all know, middle school students like nothing better than sitting down with their parents each evening and recounting the details of their day. However, if you happen to have a child who expresses their new found adolescence in the form of grunts and head nods, then Remind is for you!

Remind is a texting service utilized by MM. Parents simply subscribe to different Remind groups and are then updated by text message with new information pertaining to that specific topic. Follow the illustrated directions below to join, or if you like overly long and wordy emails, refer back to the email Mr. Palcer sent to all parents on August 27.

Remind is easy, free, and informative! Join today!

Avoca's New Website Maximizes the Unique Potential of Each Visit!

This start the school year, Avoca has launched our new website (click on the blue text to access)! Utilizing a more friendly navigation layout, visually more appealing, with better mobile device compatibility, and updated with more timely information on the front page, the new website is a significant improvement in helping all parents and site visitors learn more about Avoca School District.

The website has a basic level of information at present. As teachers and administrators become increasingly familiar with customizing pages and updating information, the website will become increasingly valuable and current.

Please check it often to see our progress!

Big picture

Avoca West & Marie Murphy Achieve Improved Curricular Alignment

Avoca's 2016-2021 strategic plan has been a massive undertaking, making improvements in a plethora of areas that impact how we deliver education and information to our students, families and community stakeholders. One of the earliest and most important goals of the strategic plan was to increase curricular alignment within departments, from grade level to grade level, and ultimately between Avoca West and Marie Murphy.

Curriculum is never "done"; quality teachers consistently revamp their curriculum to stay current in their content, utilize best practices, and improve student engagement. However, the essential standards that guide the curriculum are relatively constant and the teachers have worked hard the last two years, both individually and collaboratively, to realign their curriculum in reflection of the essential standards that guide each curriculum.

You can check out the curriculum webpage on the new website here! Click on the red text that says "AVOCA SCHOOL DISTRICT 37 CURRICULUM SEQUENCES" and you'll be taken to a page that provides a curriculum sequence for nearly every area we teach (see the photo above). Please know a few areas are under construction as we work to establish their essential standards, the instructional strategies utilized to teach them, and the assessments given to measure student achievement and growth.

Enough business-back to happy kids!

Get Involved! Extra Curriculars Abound At Marie Murphy!

For many students, the real attraction of Marie Murphy is not the time that they spend in class from 7:55-3:20 (gasp!), but rather the time they spend after school, engaged in a club, activity, or sport. Education research tells us time and time again that involved kids have higher satisfaction levels with their school, do better in class, and build better time management skills!

This year, Marie Murphy is offering plenty of our usual extra curricular activities as well as some resurrected and new club offerings! Encourage your son or daughter to get involved! Subscribe to the Extra Curricular Group via Remind to be informed about tryouts and activity dates!

Autumn Activities

  • Girls Volleyball, Co-Ed Soccer, Co-Ed Cross Country, Snowflake

Winter Activities

  • Girls Basketball, Guys Basketball, Guys Volleyball, Student Government

Spring Activities

  • Spring Play

Year-Round Activities

  • Book Club, Roots & Shoots, Student Council, Art Club, Choir, Table Tennis Club, Cooking Club, Intramurals, Journalism Club, Science Olympiad (fall tryouts)

What Lies Ahead? Upcoming Events at MM

September 10: No School

September 13: 8th Grade To Museum of Science & Industry

September 13: PTC Ice Cream Social

September 17: MM Picture Day

September 19: No School

September 20: Board of Education Meeting

September 22: 8th Grade Graduation Car Wash Fundraiser