Tech Talk

Ms. Cissel's 9th Grade History

Welcome Parents

This year we will be using a variety of different communication/collaboration tools in order to keep parents involved and students informed. I am also excited to use these because then students will be able to communicate and work together on projects from the comfort of their home. I have chosen four tools that I want to focus on this year.


I have created a blog using WordPress for open communication with parents and students. I will be posting each day our lesson plan so that parents are informed exactly of what we are working on in class. For students, I will be linking the assigned reading and homework. This way everything will be in a centralized location and very easy for the students to find. Also parents can make sure students are keeping up with assignments because they will be able to see all the assignments as well. My goal with this is to keep everyone on the same page and so that students can never say they didn't know about an assignment. This website will create some accountability for both students and parents.

Some Other Awesome Tools

Helpful Hints

These technologies will be available to all students and parents. If you need help understanding how to use any of them please do not hesitate to contact me.

Ms. Cissel's Contact Info

Contact me via my website anytime!