oil spills

do oil spills affect our ecosystem?

main issues with oil spills

when an oil spill accures it doesn't just affect the company that spilled the oil it also affect the ecosystem. oil spills kill hundreds of thousends of sea bird, destroys marine life like coral and sea plants , and also cost lots of money for us to clean the oil up.

how is wildlife affected by oil spills,could this affect our location,and are people affected by oil spills

wildlife is affected by how the oil spreads. it coats the animals in oil and it also covers the beaches and rocks.when it covers the animals it affects the birds the most. it covers their feathers in oil when covered in oil the feathers will no linoger provide instalation for them and will no longer be able to fly.this is why such a large amount of seabirds die from oil spills.

could this affectour location?yes,if oil gets from the costal region into our rivers and lake it could kill much more than marine life it could kill land animals.

oil spills dosnt affect humans as much as wildlife. it doesn't affect us because we dont have to be in the water marine life does.

how oil spills occure,solution to oil spills, and how we can prevent them in the future.

oil spills are often caused by oil pipes breaking or by oil tankers spilling oil because it tiped over or crashed

some ways they clean up oil is they burn the oil but, that harms the ecosystem too. aome scientist have invented biosegretable chemical that slowly destroys the oil untill its gone.

some ways we can prevent oil spills in the future is by putting platic tubing around the pipe so it doesn't affect the underwater marine life as much