Rabbit's Fabrics

Hop Right Into Your Favorite Clothes

From fixing to making, our shop does all.

Rabbit's Fabrics fixes clothing, such as rips or the missing button. Say, the knee of your favorite jeans tore? We'll patch it up good as new!

But, we don't only fix clothes. Do you need the perfect dress for that upcoming dance? Let us help! We can help make the outfit perfect for you.

What We Do & Prices:

Missing Button/Small Fixes:

This is one of the small problems we can help with. The cost normally ranges from $5-$8.

Rips/Large Fixes:

A big problem we can patch up in no time. These prices range from $9-$15.

Making Clothing:

We can help make that perfect outfit just for you. Cost depends on the size, and fabrics you want. Starts at about $30.

Come on by!

Hours of Operation:

Mon-Fri: 12 p.m- 6 p.m

Saturday: 1 p.m- 12 a.m

Sun: Closed all day