Middle East Country Project

By: Taylor reyna

Country Basics



Flag meaning-Since May 22 1990 Yemen used only the simple tricolor: black is said to stand for the dark days of the past, white represents a bight future, and red is the blood of the struggle to achieve indepenence and unity.


Location-Yemen is in Asia. Oman and Saudi Arabia surround Yemen.

Major Landforms-A famous landform in Yemen is the Empty Quarter. Yemen's highest point is a mountain called Jabel at 12,336 feet.

Major Landmarks- A major landmark in Yemen is the National Museum of Yemen. another landmark is Yemen's Military Museum. The last major landmark is the Sheba Palace.

Major Bodies Of Water- The major bodies of water that surround Yemen are the Red Sea, The Gulf Of Arden, and the Arabian Sea.


  • Yemen has a Republic government.
  • Yemen's leader is Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi.
  • Yemen's leader is chosen by voting.
  • The rights and responsibilities of citizens are that they have to pay taxes and obey laws.


GPD-Yemen is a poor nation

Money- Yemen people use and have Yemeni Rial money.

Main Imports/Exports-Yemen's main import/export is fish and food products.


Clothing-Women in Yemen wear all black and a niqaab. Men in Yemen wear sort of like western clothing like pants and a button down shirt.

Language- The people in Yemen speak Arabic.

Religion- Yemen's main religion in Muslim. Muslim's believe in that the final prophet was Muhammad.

Food- People in Yemen eat rice, potatoes, lamb , and flat bread.


Weather Conditions-for weather you can describe Yemen as like a hot desert with not that much rain.

Average Yearly Rainfall-It does not rain that much in Yemen. But it rains at least a lot in the winter time rarely.

Average Yearly Temperature-The average yearly temperature in high because it is like a hot desert there.

-Since Yemen's GDP is low i think that there resources are low because that can not just go out and buy some case of water they have to wit till it rains to get fresh water.

Compare and Contrast

I an comparing Yemen to the USA.

A similarity to Yemen and the USA is that they both get to vote for a leader.Anther similarity is that Yemen's people and the USA's people eat sort of the same kind of food.A difference is that Yemen people do not wear the same clothes as the USA people.The last difference is that USA people get more rainfall in the year that Yemen's people do.