Arts A/V Technology &Communications

By Isabella

About Our Cluster

There are two different areas of concentration in this cluster: Performing and Visual Arts, such as actors, dancers, or producers, and aspects of journalism, like editors, photographers, and authors. The ability to communicate well in oral and written form is a must in this cluster, as well as strong backgrounds in computer and electronic technology, math, and science. The creative aspects of this cluster are becoming more technological, making it more difficult to get in. This cluster has a large variety of careers available.

Pathways in Our Cluster

Our cluster has six pathways:

-Audio and Visual Technology and Film:

People in this industry manufacture, sell, rent, design, install, integrate, operate, and repair the equipment of audio and visual communications. Most are involved in the presentation of sound or video to people in the venues of hotels, boardrooms, convention centers, theme parks, and stadiums.

-Journalism and Broadcasting:

Examples of careers in this pathway are news analysts, reporters, and correspondents. They gather information, prepare stories, and make broadcasts that inform people about events, current issues, among other things. This pathway also includes the technicians who work with the broadcasting equipment.

-Performing Arts:

This pathway is businesses and groups involved in theatrical and musical performances. It's not only the performers, but also the technicians, agents, and others.

-Printing Technology:

This industry has three parts: prepress, press, and postpress. There are a multitude of careers in each stage of the process.


Specialists in this pathway focus on the interaction between the computer and the communications equipment. There are technicians, installers, and repairers.

-Visual Arts:

People in this industry create art to communicate thoughts, ideas, and feelings. This pathway has a variety of different artists who use a lot of different methods.

Arya- Producer

Producers plan and coordinate various aspects of radio, television, stage, or motion picture production, such as selecting script, coordinating writing, directing and editing, and arranging financing.


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