Spring Break

By: JaCori Hill

Home Bound

This spring break could have been better. I was home bound. It was so boring, all day I did absolutely nothing and went absolutely no where. I really felt like i was going to go insane from boredom. I didn't go outside because I get sick easily and I dislike being outside if it is to hot or to cold. Also even if I wanted to go outside I couldn't because my parents weren't home and they work till late in the evening.
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Home Bound? Well Not Quite.

I did end up going to the store at a few things to cook and munch on throughout the days that I was at home. I purchased my favorite chips to eat which is Hot Cheetos, a bunch of strawberry Pop tarts, some gummy worms, skittles and some peach rings. I bought a lot of junk food. Also the past Friday my mother took me and my brother to go eat Chinese food and we went home afterwards.

New China Buffet in Cordele

On the evening of April 1st I traveled to Cordele, GA to eat at this Chinese Buffet called New China Buffet. It was so gloomy and rainy but that didn't stop my family and i from