April - May Curriculum Corner

** SHS Monthly Curriculum Digest **


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Testing Testing 1...2....

Changes in Testing! Trainings and More!

Be on the lookout for training dates soon! The directions have changed and we will need to spend some time on our training to ensure everyone knows what to do. Good changes. Nothing major. The books look totally different!
Click HERE for SHS Testing Schedule

Be sure you have these dates on your calendar! The season is upon us ! :)

One Team. One Dream. #itsEagleTime

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EOG Planning is underway and ready to roll!

PLCs have met, disaggregated data, and are ready to work with students based on targeted needs. I was so impressed with the work and thought that went into each team's plan. I've seen GOAL SETTING; I've heard about INCENTIVES (can't wait for 3-5's "primp" and s"ports workshop" days with middle school students. what an AWESOME way to connect students!); I've seen POWER STANDARDS and DATA DIGGING and INTENSE, LASER FOCUSED TEACHING.

It's Eagle Time, and I'm PROUD to SOAR with you ! Please keep the requests coming! I'm THRILLED to come in and work with your students and co teach lessons, help prepare lessons, brainstorm ideas, help find resources.

Looking for Meaningful Activities ???

What to do after testing???

We've got you covered! A few ideas are linked below. Be sure to make a copy and make CHANGES to make the hyperdocs work for your students. This chic @iheartedu is my new favorite blogger. Her stuff is out of this world. I recently started creating some hyperdocs using google draw because of her. I will show you how to do it too! So easy and MUCH easier for students to see and navigate.

  • Let students create a 6 Word MEMOIR using this HyperDoc! Check it out !
  • Both 5th and 6th grade student data showed a need to work a little on MOOD & TONE. This hyperdoc is a great way to supplement that work. You will want to change the Quizziz code to work for you. Check it out!
  • THEME!!! Ya'll... this one is AWESOME!
  • 8th Graders will LOVE this one! ROAD TRIPPIN! All the Math & SS standards in this one.
  • How 'bout a Scientific Method Interactive Notebook? anyone??

Grab ALL of the ones I could download (in a week) IN THIS FOLDER. It's also on Eagle Vision should you ever need to find it again.

The BIG ROCKS of 1819... We are rollin' !

Remember our BIG ROCKS for 1819??

  • Social Emotional Learning ✅ 2nd Steps, DESSA Screener, Regular Data Push/Kid Talks

  • Digital Learning and Innovation ✅ Triple E in action ! Don't forget to check your lessons for the 3E's!

  • Home/School Connections ✅ Parent nights, parent ball games, more intentional conversations with parents, parents present at data push/kid talks when appropriate

  • Fidelity w/Core and Interventions ☑️ Let's turn this one completely green !

Some guiding questions:

1) How are we using intervention time?

2) If a student were to describe intervention time in just 3 words, what would you want those words to be?