The Immigration s'more

Alana and Kierstin

Country Immigrants came from?

# Germany, and Ireland, Austria, Northern Europe, Great Britain, Sweden, Eastern Europe, Italy, Russia

When Immigrants came to America


Why the immigrants came and why the Immigrants left?

Many were escaping poverty, hunger, or lack of jobs. For them the farm and factories of the United States offered the hope of an income, food, and work. Others were escaping violence war or injustice. Many Jewish immigrants left Europe to escape mistreatment because of their religion.

Angel Island facts

  1. Through 1910-1940 thousands people came to the Angel Island, and the Immigration station is located near San Francisco.
  2. Many people carved poems on the Angel Island walls.

Items that Immigrants brought to United States

  • food
  • music
  • clothing

Discriminations Immigrants faced

1. When they got there they were asked several questions.

2. They did not expect to get jobs or homes.

3.Chinese had to prove they had family in the United States.