Kit Carson

Dalton Lewis

Who was?

Kit Carson was born in 1809. Thats 206 years ago! Kit Carson grew up with with 9 brothers and sisters, his Mom, and Dad. Sadley 9 years after kit was born his Dad died. Kit and his family followed Daniel Boon out west. Around 20 years later Kit married a native named Singing Grass (a friend of Sacagawea). Before Singing Grass passed on from a illness she gave birth to one daughter. Kit married again to a women named Josefa Jaramilb. Josafa gave birth to seven children! Kit fell off of a horse and never fully recovered, and died peacefully at home on may 23, 1868.

What did he do?

Kit Carson watched Ewing young (is someone who Kit looked up to) set of for California. Kit wanted to go too, and then kit ran away from his job as a saddle apprentice. Kit sold beaver skin and made a lot of money, but it did not last long in Taos so Kit went and worked for another fur company. Kit and John Charles Fremont were the first to discover the Great Basin. The Great Basin is a national park. The two of them also fought in the war against mexico. Kit and his family followed Daniel Boon out west. Daniel was like a second father to Kit after his dad past on.

Impact on the world?

Kit was helpful he opened up the west for more people, and Kit was one of the first men to volunteer to fight in the civil war for the union. Kit helped the natives and the government make peace.

Should we be more like them?

I think we should be more like Kit because Kit was nice, he was nice because he did not have to be John Charles Fremont’s guide. I think Kit was brave because he walked right into a war in 1846 and left in 1853 (thats seven years!). Kit was someone who opened up new areas and trails like the oregon Trail. Kit also served for the union in the civil war.
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Additional info

When Kit was 14 he had to help make money, and was an apprentice to a saddle maker.
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