#Miched Slow Chat #loveteaching

Join us for our first ever #slowchat Feb 14 - 20th

Why do you love teaching?

In a time when the education profession is under scrutiny, pressure and a hot button topic in politics, why do people choose to stay in the profession? Join us during Valentine week to share your story of why you love teaching. Write a blog post, FB post or create a video. And tweet it out! Using the hashtags #miched And #loveteaching.

Sunday, Feb. 14th, 12:15-2am

This is an online event.

What is a #slowchat? A slow chat takes place over an extended period of time, rather than the traditional one hour limit to most hosted chats. This gives participants an opportunity to reflect and to join the conversation when it works best in a busy schedule. So Tweet any time during #loveteaching celebration February 14-21st