Why Learn to Keyboard?

By: Emmy Cook

Touch-typing skills increase speed.

Using appropriate keyboarding skills increases a person's WPM. When a person begins touch-typing, their WPM will go down before it rises. When their speed does rise, it does so drastically.

When touch-typing, people can focus on their work better.

If a person makes a mistake, and they're staring at their keyboard, they won't notice the mistake until much later. If someone is touch-typing, they notice the mistake instantly.
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Typing correctly improves productivity.

It takes less time to type properly, so learning to keyboard can improve efficiency.

Job prospects improve with keyboarding skills.

Employers seek people who can type quickly and accurately. Some require 40-60 wpm which is very difficult to achieve without touch typing skills.
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Keyboarding incorrectly can be detrimental to one's health.

If a person doesn't use correct typing technique, they can develop RSI's.

Typing is necessary in everyday life.

The modern world requires technological skills to survive. This includes keyboarding.
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