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Olivia S.

About Me

Some of my favorite books are very adventurous and give lots of excitement. I love to read a series of books because if they end in a cliff hanger it goes on to the next book. Books make me feel alive and daring. When I read I like to lay down outside if the weather is warm. I feel very relaxing when I read. I love to drink Starbucks or something refreshing when I read. Reading inspires me to read more and become creative. I like to read realistic fiction and fiction. Finally, My favorite books are Out Of My Mind, and One For The Murphy's.

What I Like About Reading

Reading me feel so adventurous and brave. I like when you get to the climax of a book it makes you want to keep reading. I love to read books that are very dangerous and action adventure. My favorite thing about reading is when you get into a really good series of books. I know that these are just some things that I like about reading but that just gives you and idea of what type of reader I am.

My Latest Intrests

Some of favorite books that I've recently read were The Cay, One For The Murphy's, and Out Of My Mind. I love all three of these books because they give lots of sympathy and love. These books are what I like because they show tragedy and action. I like that in a book so you don't know what will happen next until you read it.

Why I picked This Song

I always get sad when I'm done reading a book because I have been reading it for a while and now I have to let it go and start A new one. This song shows those feelings and explains the way I feel.
[Lyrics] See You Again - Miss you, Paul Walker - Fast and furious 7
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