QR Codes in the Classroom

PD 1.15.16

Feel free to download a QR reader on your device....there are lots of free options in the App Store.


Scan the QR Code to download my presentation....or, go to


What are QR codes and why use them???

  • Quick Response Codes
  • Links to Data of Our Choosing
  • Makes Our World Come Alive
  • Go Green!!!

Where are QR codes being used?

  • Everywhere!!!

QR Codes used in Education......

Open House - Teacher Welcome Video

Notes Home - Procedure Video for Classroom

English - Make Book Reviews Come Alive

Math - Extra Help in Solving Problems

History - Links Historical Documents, Speeches, Artifacts, Etc.

Science - Virtual Science Fair

Music - Listening Center

Art - Link Artists' Info to their Work

PE - Sport Skill Development

Library - Book Trailers

12 ideas - http://goo.gl/g9eYl

I like it....how do I make those???

Another Fun Tool......Aurasma

  • Same Concept as QR Codes
  • Augmented Reality - Pages come to life!!!
  • Free App
  • Create at http://www.aurasma.com
  • You'd be surprised what's out there.....

Thank you for your time!!!