The Effect of Love; Romeo & Juliet

By: Kaitlyn KURTZ

Love Struck

Every love story starts with the choice to love ,and love Romeo and Juliet did. They chose to love each other despite knowing what the consequences may be;therefore, Romeo and Juliet are responsible for their own deaths at the end of their love story.After all romeo and Juliet are the ones that killed them self.
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The song ''they don't know about us'' by One direction is based off romeo and juliet. In the song the people that one direction are singing about are madly in love but much to young people tell them they should not be together but they don't care the just keep growing more madly in love with each other and all the same above is true for romeo and juliet in the play/ movie.
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The movie '' she's the man'' was based off romeo and juliet. You can tell because the main character is held back in the story because of her gender. Her love is soccer but her soccer coach drops her girls team to take the schools boys team to the championship game against their rival. While she is undercover as a boy on the rival side she meets a really nice guy that she falls in love with but just like in romeo and Juliet she is from one color (school) and he is from another color (school) so there are problems that arise because of that just like in romeo and Juliet. Even though they don't take their own life's like romeo and Juliet did the plot of the play/movie were very similar.
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