Sony's Forced Labor Problems

Sony uses Forced Labor Without Us Knowing

Sony Uses Forced Labor Under our PSN Accounts

Sony is one of the bad companies because they are using forced labor. The people who have to make Sony products are college students in Japan and other parts of Asia. To begin, Sony started to use college students for forced labor recently so the factories could lie to the college students of getting their college degree. Some of the students that are working in the factories are committing suicide so they don't have to work at the factories. Next, students do not know that they are working under a lie. The factories tell the students that they are working for their college degree. Finally, these students are forced to make PlayStation4s and the games for it. The students who can't take it but, are not committing suicide try to get people know they are being forced to work. The college students claim that they work blood and tears into the PlayStation4 and other Sony products.
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The AI ​​International Squeeze famous IT companies solve child labor

The video above had more then my subject and had a little bit of explaining that Sony makes kids mine for battery acid.

How we can stop it:

Use munchies to do the work

Not make kids dig for battery acid

Thinking before making the idea


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Heather White, a research person at Harvard University who was researching on who had labor found out that Sony had forced labor and made her feel outraged at this.