by Makayla Riley

How hydrogen got it name?

It form a Greek word hydro and genes and both together mean water forming.

Hydrogen symbol, atomic number and mass number?

The hydrogen symbol is H.

the atomic number is 1.

and the mass number is 1.00794

where is it found and in what form?

Hydrogen is found on earth mostly in water. The sun, the stars, and the planet Jupiter is mostly made up of hydrogen. Hydrogen is a gas.

fun facts!

About 10% of weight in living organisms is hydrogen.

The most abundant element in the universe is hydrogen.

The only element that can exist without neutrons is hydrogen.

melting point and boiling point and density

Melting point- 13.81 K (-259.34°C or -434.81°F)

Boiling point- 20.28 K (-252.87°C or -423.17°F)

Density- 0.00008988 grams per cubic centimeter

Abundance on earth's crust- 2.825 (mg/kg)

uses of hydrogen

Hydrogen is used in the Haber process, the production of menthol, and in hydrogenation of oils, and fats.
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