Hosted by Liam Brunnock

YouTube has just got bigger!

Get ready for the first ever YouTube Awards known as the YTEES! Hosted by Liam Brunnock (a.k.a. Liam47183), there will be many surprises along the way including a special sneak preview of Liam's new web series, Digits Man. Also including performances by Katy Perry and One Direction! See it live!

The YTees

Sunday, Sep. 15th 2013 at 7-10pm

This is an online event.

On Livestream.

About Liam47183

His name is Liam Brunnock. He lives in Houston,TX. When going to school, he gets bullied a lot. Then, in 2009, he started his own YouTube channel. Now, he has 60 thousand views and over 40 subscribers.