Charlotte Doyle Predictions

what will happen next?

Geetika, Charlie, and Madeline's predictions

Geetika says that Charlotte Doyle will sleep walk and murder the Captain and she didn't realize and didn't mean to. Charlie thinks that Charlotte Doyle will have to save the Captain because the crew is very mad. Charlotte Doyle will use her dirk to save people. Madeline thinks that the crew will murder the Captain and be accused of murder because of the dirk she has.

Macy, Sathvik, and Alberto's Predictions

Sathvik thinks that Charlotte Doyle is going to die because the crew will kill the Captain and they don't want Charlotte Doyle to rat them out. Alberto thinks that Charlotte Doyle will die with the Captain because the crew dosen't want a witness. Macy thinks that Charlotte is going to die because someone will get annoyed of her.
True Confessions Of Macy the Dummy.


A thirteen year old girl named Charlotte Doyle baords a ship called The Seahawk. The crew warns her to get off, but she doesn't listen. Strange things start to happen and she wonders if boarding the ship was a mistake.There has a murder and Charlotte is accused of murdering one of the crew members.


Charlotte Doyle

Charlotte Doyle started out as a proper young lady. She meets the captain and trusts him because he is proper too. Throughout the book, she becomes closer to the crew and less close with captain. She is now a sailor on the Seahawk with the rest of the crew. She started to trust what the crew said about the captain instead of what she thought. "With fumbling, nervous hands I put on the seaman's clothing" (Charlotte Doyle 105). "I've come, to be one of the crew" (Charlotte Doyle 106).

Captain Jaggery

Captain Jaggery is the captain of the Seahawk. When Charlotte first came to the ship, Jaggery was the one she went to for help. Throughout the book, he becomes very mean to the crew, that reflects on Charlotte. "...jumped forward and and tore the whip from my hand, whirlled about and began beating Zachariah with such furry I had never seen" (Charlotte Doyle 94).

Crew Members

At the beginning of the book, the crew warned Charlotte and told her to get off of the boat. They seemed mysterious at first, but now they want revenge on Captain Jaggery because of what he did to Cranick and Zachariah. "...the rest of the crew burst from beneath the forecastle deck with wild, blood-curdling yells" (Charlotte Doyle 83).

Plot Development


Setting: The Seahawk

Goal: Charlotte is going to America safely

Characters: Charlotte Doyle, Captain Jaggery, Mr.Grummage, Zachariah

Rising Action-

conflict: Jaggery killed Cranik, Jaggery killed Zachariah, Hurricane


Charlotte Doyle became part of the crew

Falling Action-

Captain dies


Getting home


External- "The ball struck Cranick square in the chest. With a cry of pain and mortal shock, he dropped his sword and stumbled backward into the crowd (pg.85). "

Internal- "Sobbing in absolute misery, I threw myself onto my bed. I wept for Zachariah, for Cranick, even poor Captain Jaggery. There was no way to avoid the truth that all the horror I had witnessed had been brought about me"(pg.96).

Figurative Language

Imagery- "And he- I saw it in a glance- was a gentlemen, the kind of man I was used to" (pg.27). "Cautiously I moved forward, reached out, and touched his hand" (pg.149).

Metaphors- "And when I looked beyond I saw a sea that was infinity itself" (pg.117).

Similes- "The skin of the old man's chest hung loose and wrinkled like a ragged burlap bag" (pg.91). "... Swaying as if trying to shake me off- like a dog throwing droplets of water from my back" (pg.117).

Personification- "My stomach turned" (pg.113).

Refrain- " 'You mustn't,' I kept repeating. 'You mustn't!" (pg.100).


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