Rock guitar for dummies

by: Jon Chappell

What is a guitar?

A guitar is a stringed instrument (either 4 or 6 strings) found in many types of music.

How to play the guitar...

You play the guitar by plucking a series of strings while simultaneously pushing another part of the string down on the fret board to create sound or "notes".

Reasons to play guitar

First of all, playing instruments has a lot of professional jobs to offer like bands, teachers, and diner performances. Another reason to play the guitar is that it can help with other instruments by learning the staffs and tempos and other useful ideas.

Sounds to the guitar

Although the 6 stringed acoustic has its own smooth sound to it, I prefer the electric guitar because you can add distorters and amplifiers which change the itensity, tone, and volume of the guitar.

Items to buy to improve your experience...

  • A tuner to get the tone to the right freguency
  • A guitar pick to get a firmer tone
  • A music stand to hold your music
  • A professional music book to learn correctly
  • A guitar strap to make it easier to control you guitar

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*Vocab words*

Riff- a short song

Fret- the spaces on the staff/ fret board that show where to press

Staff- the neck of the guitar

Chord- multiple strings to make a note

Pick- what you pluck the strings with

Tuning keys- knobs on the guitar's head to tune the strings

Distorters- a plug-in for a guitar amplifier

Project done by:

Evan Christie


*all pictures are own photos*