Reflex Math

Make this part of your students daily homework routine!

Dear Parents of _______________________________,

One of the biggest challenges as a 3rd grader in math is knowing your multiplication facts up to 12 X 12. We want to remind you about a service that we have called Reflex Math that you can access online that your child has access to at school. Reflex Math is an online program in which the students work to actively get coins to add to their player or avatar. The coins are accumulated through completing several tasks and games within program.

Listed below is your students login and password To log in, students will access

Password: _____________

To log in, students will:

1. Click on Launch in the upper right handed corner of the webpage.

2. Enter their teacher’s username (johnportier)

3. Select a homeroom.

4. Select their name from the list of students in the class

5. Enter their password