Sunday Synergy


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Glenview Brings Good Luck to the Raiders!

Special Thanks to Ms. Walker, Mr. Miller, Ms. Brouhard, and Mr. Fudge who joined me and 40 Glenview students with perfect attendance and their families enjoy a day "meeting" Legends Bo Jackson & Willie Brown and to watch the Raiders win the Battle of the Bay today. Also thanks to Ms. Brown-Clark and Ms. Walker who helped behind the scenes to make sure our kids made it to the game!


This Week

12/8- Staff Meeting: Architects coming to Share Plans for New School

12/10- 12:30 Ms. LaResha Walker, Deputy Network Superintendent will visit classrooms

12/10- Construction Team Meeting, 4:30

12/10- SST Community Engagement Session on Budget, Glenview, 6:30

Next Week

12/18- Winter Orchestra Concert, 10;30am

12/19- Movie Day (note change of date!)


Teaching & Learning

Math Assessments Due 12/12

Math Assessments need to be scanned by 12/12.

Please put them in Chelsea's box by 12/11 if you haven't given to Linda already!

Professional Development This Week

We have the SRI data in, but most of us have never spent much time learning about what this assesses (and what it doesn't). Liliana Vernannen from the Data dept. will be coming to help us dig deeper into this assessment, we will look at our data, align it to our F & P data and think about how this informs our instructional next steps.

End of 2014 Check Ins with Linda & Chelsea

Linda and I would like to schedule 15-20 min. check ins with all teachers the week of 12/15.

I will have a sign up for you at our professional development this week and will share with your our conversation topics.

We will be hearing from you how things are going for you this year. What's working? What's hard? And how we can continue to support you going in to the New Year.

Report Cards


By 12/12- Turn in your report cards to Chelsea to review comments

By 12/19- All report cards need to have been sent home. If you would like to review them with parents and hand them out at their parent conferences, please do.

12/15-12/19- Shortened days that are times you can meet with parents if you have not already. There will be no Professional Development on 12/17 in order for you to meet with parents as well. K-4 Teachers are expected to meet with all parents once by 12/19. Fifth grade teachers will meet with all parents of struggling/failing students as well as any student per parent request.

Interested in chaperoning 5th Grade Science camp?

Hike the beautiful Marin county coastline! Learn from the Naturebridge naturalists about our local eco-system! All expenses paid trip with Mr. Litt, Ms. Brouhard, Mr. Miller and 80 of your favorite fifth graders!

When: May 27-29

Where: Naturebridge Science Camp,

Who: Any Glenview staff willing to chaperone!

Let Chelsea know by 12/19!

Kindergarten Tours start This Week

Kinder tours start this Friday morning. Please welcome any visitors you see on campus. Sometimes parents will ask to see upper grade classrooms.

Operations & Logistics

Construction Conundrums Continue

This week in your box, you will receive a survey for K-3 parents to fill out re: interim housing. Lakeview & Santa Fe are both still "on the table" for us to inhabit in 2016. The district is collecting data from parents to ensure that all voices are heard in this big decision. Please return the survey to the office when you receive them back.

We will also have the architects join our staff meeting tomorrow to share the latest images of our new building.

Heroes Program Change of Staffing- Still Pending

We are still waiting for our new Coach to clear HR requirements. I will let you know when he is on board.

Learning Spot staff will continue to provide support during lunch and during the rotation. There will be no 30 min. PE slots until we have a coach. You are of course welcome to provide your students with PE.

Rainy Day Reminders

Looks like more rain this week!

Please check your rainy day schedule and follow it closely so that we can get everyone through the cafeteria in a timely fashion.

Ms. Erica is the Rainy Day Schedule coordinator. If you have any questions or concerns, please check in with her!

Christmas Shopping?

Natalie, a parent of a Glenview kindergartner and the owner of Glenview's own Le Soleil Nail Spa, has generously offered to donate 20% of gift card purchases to Glenview Elementary. If you would like to buy gift cards for your friends and family this season, just mention "Glenview Elementary" and part of your purchase will go towards our school's PTA fund. The PTA funds are used for classroom supplies, field trips and many additional programs.

Help support a local small business and our school!

Social Emotional Learning & Wellness

PBIS Ticket Challenge & Change of Date for Movie

Remember to Catch them Being Good!

The Orchestra Concert will be on 12/18. The movie day will now be moved to Friday, 12/19.

Looking Ahead- Readathon

Readathon will begin on 2/20

Begin thinking about what incentive might help your students meet their reading goals. Mr. Miller shaves his head ever year. Last year I ate a bug and kissed a slug and will plan to kiss a snake this year.

Get creative!

You Never Know Where your Glenview Students Will Go!

Haben Girma, former Glenview student who is both deaf and blind. She went on to graduate from Harvard Law School. In her 2010 Speech at the US Dept. of Education she mentions Glenview!

More recently she gives a Ted Talk in Baltimore:

Learn more about Haben's work at

Safety First

Lockdown Drill

The lockdown drill showed us where we have a few weaknesses in our plan!

Safety team will be meeting within the next week to tighten up our procedures. This is why we do drills, right?

Reminder- The Lockdown Drill is over! No Window Covering on Doors!

District emergency staff has asked us not to leave paper over your windows on the doors. Please remove any paper you have up that blocks visibility. This includes during the drill, during emergencies, and on a daily basis.

Technology Tidbits

Ipads- K/1

Let Mr. Miller know how many iPads you will need in order to have a full center or station in your classroom.