SPY: Sisterhood of Peeping Youth

Rebecca Gray

The Five Best Female Spies

From Best to Not as good as the one before her, the Five Best Female Spies!

Elizabeth VanLew

A brave woman for the union, Elizabeth freed her slaves during the civil war. She had a hidden room in her house where she kept Union POW's and Spies. She ran a spy ring within the confederate armed forces, and developed a cypher and hid these messages in hollowed out eggs which would flaunt her intelligence. Elizabeth also talked to hurt troupes to get the positions of the confederate army. She was so crafty that she would send General Grant fresh flowers and a copy of the Richmond newspaper, to show off how deeply her spy ring ran. She placed her best friend and past slave in the home of the Confederate President to spy on him.

Elizabeth is the best female spy because she had such a deeply rooted spy ring and her influence was so big, she was very brave and filled with cunning.

Noor Inyat Khan

Cunning- contently staying a step ahead of the Gestapo, and living an additional 6 weeks past her "life expectancy."
Strength- Was put through torture and gave incorrect information if any at all. Staying in France when she could have left, knowing it was a life or death decision.
Adventurous- She volunteered for the most difficult job in WWII and writing that she loved what she was doing.

Edith Cavell

Kind- A nurse in WWI at her school in Belgium. She nursed all sorts of soldiers.
Brave- continued to nurse while being under guard of the Germans, smuggled British and French out of enemy lines
Strong- was imprisoned for 10 weeks by the Germans, the last 2 weeks were solitary confinement. told the truth at her trial and was executed for her honesty.

Antonia Ford

Beauty-stunned men with her beauty and conversation skills, men of the north and south fell for her. on her way to prison the second time, she captured the heart of her captor, they married and had three children.
Intelligence- she was a good coversationalist getting little details from her visitors and was able to recall the entire conversation. She was the aide-de camp to general Stuart, whom her brother served under.
Strength- was imprisoned for espionage, her case was argued over greatly.

Krystyna Skarbek

Cunning-Passed herself off as a well connected Niece of a High ranking British man to save two SOE agents.
Resourceful- Organized a set of Polish couriers who ran Intel from Worshaw to Budapest.
Brave- was a polish SOE. Denied That she was Krystyna Skarbek to several of her oldest friends while in Poland.