2nd Hand News

September 15-19

We had another eventful week in 2nd grade. It was wonderful to see parents at BTSN and share our thoughts and hopes for a great year. Thank you for your kind support and coming to hear about the nuts & bolts of our last year in the Lower School.

This week we learned more about Native American life from the perspective of a young boy and girl in stories. We became stronger on partially pictured equations and tackled a new round of spelling words. Energetic construction began on Noun Town and it will surely become a major city and transportation hub soon, including an intergalactic presence! We did a fine job during our first fire drill and Pet Day welcomed our furry, froggy, and finned family members to BFS.

PEACE FAIR is Saturday, Sept. 20

PICTURE DAY is Tuesday, Sept. 23

FALL CLUBS begin Oct. 6


Have a relaxing weekend!

With a smile,

Mrs. Nyce

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