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June News

Summer is here yall!

It's time to order your foundation darker to match that great tan!

Or order some products to get a tan ;)

Younique is the ONLY foundation I have found that can survive this heat!

Want to try it before you buy it?
Shoot me a message, I can make it happen!

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The Best Kudos Ever!

Okay so most of you know about the liquid gold and you might have seen my post showcasing the amazing concealer!

When you combine those two products the our Glorious Primer and new Liquid Foundation Brush, you get such a Flawless Finish! Which is why I LOVE LOVE LOVE this Kudos. They put those 4 products together for only $99! That is a savings of $40!!!!!

BUT, as with all specials, it is only while supplies last so DO NOT DELAY! Our Kudos has been selling out super fast lately. Not sure on what shade you need?

Contact me and I can help!

All products are Made in the USA and animal friendly too!

If you have been thinking of trying the Mineral Touch Liquid Foundation and Concealer or just need to restock, now the perfect time!

I mean, who doesn't like saving money?

And with a shelf life of 18 months, you might want to order more then one!

Benefits of the Glorious Primer:

  • Great for ALL skin types
  • Tightens pores
  • Use less foundation when using Primer
  • Gives you a smooth canvas by smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles
  • Use on lips before applying lip products for a smoother finish
  • Keeps foundation on all day
  • Also makes a great hair serum

Benefits of Mineral Touch Concealer:

  • Blend away blemishes, scars, even tattoos with this water-resistant, satin-finish concealer that lasts for hours and lets your natural beauty shine through.

  • It isn’t greasy and conditions skin while you use it. Also mineral oil free!
  • It contains squalane (plant derived) which helps restore skin’s suppleness.
  • It supports the skin’s response to ultraviolet light.
  • Great for all skin types.
  • It lasts ALL day!

Benefits of Mineral Touch Liquid Foundation:

  • Weightless yet full coverage with a Matte finish
  • Gluten free. Soy free. Paraben free. PABA free. BPA free & NANO particle free
  • Optical diffusers blue imperfections and minimize wrinkles and pores
  • Great for ALL skin types
  • Most only need 4 little drops for full coverage!

Why the special Liquid Foundation Brush:

  • Customize your coverage
  • Slanted, flat bristles for Flawless application
  • Recessed area in the middle for your liquid foundation
  • Get the best coverage possible with your liquid foundation
Younique also introduced 3 new foundation shades!

They are available in the liquid concealer, liquid foundation, cream foundation, bb cream and pressed powder!